Humanism this is the choice made by the Oxfam association ! 19. Dynamism and good humor – marketing one of the facebook covers of UCPA The UCPA is known for its sports and dynamic summer camps. Its cover sets the tone! With this real photo of the camps, the UCPA shows the reality. Generation Z leaves traditional sport “offside” Joan Mendoza Generation Z leaves traditional sport “offside” Posted on October 20, 2022 Generation Z has lost interest in traditional sports. Those young people who spent hours and hours consuming soccer games, basketball and other sports have fallen significantly. This situation has caused sports teams, competitions, brands.

Producers to ask themselves the following question

Producers to ask themselves the following question: How to reverse this situation? This is one of the questions that many sports entities ask Image Masking Service themselves. All of them have on the table the challenge. Of connecting with younger audiences. The genZ so famous and so present in the meeting. Rooms of those responsible for managing. Large brands of traditional sport. To understand the challenges clubs are facing. It is important to first understand what motivates this new generation of young fans, what needs they have. What arouses their interest, what barriers they may experience. what they expect to receive from an entity. sports today . Understanding this is already a great step to detect opportunities. Not only to connect with the current fan base. But to make it grow, incorporating much younger.

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Demand new ways of relating to brands

Audiences that undoubtedly demand new ways of relating to brands. Here the challenge is clear: understand these new generations so Business Lead that sports entities can excite and attract them to build and thus retain a new generation of fans. This new generation, so young, stands out for: Because they are less likely to identify with a club or follow a team just because their family does. Although the “inheritance” effect is still an important driver. On the contrary, they are more likely to be influenced to follow one team or another by the content and actions on social media (Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitch, etc..). Also if the sports entity is concerned with more social aspects and the impact it may have on sport. Or on the other hand, that they are interested in issues of inclusiveness racism mental health or sustainability.

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