Marketing depends on recognizing the interests. preferences and other characteristics of your persona . That way. you’ll be able to talk to the right person in the right way. increasing your  sales results as a result. Tip: Persona and target audience: understand the main differences 2. Attract followers with good content Instagram is. first and foremost. a visual social network . Therefore. one of the great secrets to succeed in it is to invest in a good design of publications and an intelligent and thought-provoking copy (caption). In this sense. what you can do is take advantage of the content produced for your blog . for example. just to adapt them to the content formats of Instagram and other social networks of your brand. Currently. Reels is the format that has the highest delivery. so if you are thinking of a way to attract more

Followers without investing in paid traffic . this is a good idea. And don’t forget that. in addition to educating . content Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers for social networks — especially Instagram — needs to have a dose of entertainment and encourage relationships ! Content Marketing: The Secrets to Attracting and Engaging Your Audience 3. Use hashtags Hashtags are great ways to use keywords related to your business to make it easier for you to be found by people who are already searching for those topics. Another common use is to create a hashtag specific to your brand or campaign. However. when using any type of hashtags in your publications. be careful not to exaggerate or end up using those banned by Instagram ! 4. Interact with followers As the name itself makes clear. social networks are made to enable interaction between people .

For this reason. it is essential to adapt your strategy to ensure this interaction. So you not only stimulate engagement. but also the perception of being an accessible brand . So. never fail to encourage conversations. let alone respond to your followers — either by message or in the comments ! 5. Invest in partnerships Partnering with other profiles — who address similar topics to yours — or with influencers . who often have a large following. can increase your brand’s reach . In addition. followers who arrive through partnerships already have an idea about the solutions offered by your company. precisely because they have had a first contact with it before. which is also very positive! Practical guide: how to use social media to build your company’s image 6. Drive followers to a landing page To get closer and.

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Closer to turning your followers into customers . You should also offer an incentive to get their contact information and permission to relate directly on other channels. This incentive can be free . More in-depth material on a specific topic that is of interest to your persona — e-books. mini-courses. Templates. etc. So. When they convert on a landing page to receive the material. The followers also become leads for your company. Here’s a basic landing page example: Simplified landing page Oh. and for you to get good results in this conversion step . landing pages need to request strategic data from leads . In this way. It is possible to deepen the relationship. personalizing each message. email or even commercial proposal! 7.

Track metrics and indicators Tracking the metrics and indicators of your Inbound Marketing strategy on Instagram is very important to identify the profile of the most engaged followers and adjust the creation or distribution of content. for example. In addition. you should also keep track of your strategy’s financial metrics — particularly if you invest in ads . Tip: Digital Marketing indicators and metrics: learn how to use Optimize your Inbound Marketing with Organic! Want to take the next step in your Inbound Marketing strategy and sell more on Instagram ? Before starting. it is important to be well aware of your company’s Digital Marketing maturity level. For this. request our free Digital Marketing diagnosis .

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