In the Twitter chat that we held last Thursday, we focused on talking about the advantages of designing an adequate content marketing strategy. On this occasion for the Twitter chat we have our colleague Alicia Rodríguez with whom we not only talk about this, no. In fact, the conversation was very animated and for just over an hour, we talked about storytelling, copywriting, content curation and much more that we have summarized in the form of an interesting collection of tweets on Storify. You have this summary of tweets at the end of the post, before I invite you to read the post that Alicia has prepared as a closing to her participation in the #holasemrush.

I hope you like it. The content marketing strategy: a must in our digital businesses – Twitter chat By Alicia Rodriguez Ruiz We have heard both actively and passively that content is king, for this there are all kinds of opinions. But this is not what I want to focus  Ghana phone number on in this post and be careful, by this I do not mean that the content does not seem important to me. On the contrary, in this article I am going to give you enough arguments so that. If you are not already, you will end up being convinced of the importance of good content management in our online marketing strategy

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Shall we start? What is content marketing? To make it simple, I would say that content marketing is the marketing technique that has content as the basis of its strategy. Yesterday during the event there were those who wanted to point out the difference between content marketing and marketing with content. leaving this subtle nuance aside, we will focus on the fact that with this type of marketing we intend to create and disseminate content loaded with extra value that finally provoke a positive response in our users. Yes, the positive response par excellence is selling and making money. But along the way there is another series of positive responses that we should not underestimate and that,

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it is true, will lead us to the ultimate goal of sales and conversions. Once we know what it is, let’s focus on the how and there are several answers here. Healing or creation? What was before, the chicken or the egg? If we look at the way of generating content. We will talk about content creation and curation . I am not going to spend time going into an in-depth explanation of what each thing is. I will summarize it by saying that by creation we mean the generation of our own content, such as the articles we publish on our blog. And if we talk about curation, we refer to

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that other content that third parties create and that we take care of getting to our audience. If we follow Pareto theory to the letter. The optimal ratio between our content creation and curation should be 80/20. That is. 80% of our content management should be curation and the remaining 20% ​​should be used to create our own materials. It is not my intention to create a chair about the ideal percentage to follow in our content marketing strategy and. Above all. as there are dissenting voices about it. What I do dare to say is that I consider it a book error that a company (which is not an internationally super brand and appears on the Fortune 500 list) does not publish content other than its

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