Today, I will summarize the various problems The Do Not List of my own company and the company managed by our member CEO, sum up self-examination, and work hard together -= = –

Avoid rubbing oil everywhere, just want to cooperate

In many cases, there is no need for face-to-face visits to discuss cooperation. It is better to align each other’s needs online first.

Because the B2B cooperation motives between small companies are not strong, they often want to help each other, they are often wary of each other, and they are often too weak, so there is a high probability that they will become either verbally good Afghanistan Phone Number gentlemen, but actually have no progress.

Small companies are too weak. Instead of The Do Not List wasting time cooperating, it is better to hone their own business first.

  1. First, small companies seek cooperation from large companies, and binding thighs requires customer relationships;
  2. Second, small companies seek cooperation from small companies, and weak and weak alliances are equal to negative, and no cooperation is worthwhile;
  3. Third, the main business of the small company is still shaky. Where can there be a team and energy to do business that does not match?

In short, I am not optimistic about the small company’s business action of actively expanding and strengthening the business BD.

Avoid having no middle-level, exhausting the CEO and bottom-level employees

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At the beginning of a startup company, the boss must be the strongest in business, otherwise the company will most likely not be successful. But when I reached the point where it might be 1 million or 2 million a month, I found that many startups are still their own bosses + a group of shrimp soldiers and crabs will be their little brothers, and the biggest problem with this is that the CEO can never stop exporting in front-line business.

But the CEO after completing the cold start stands in the C position of the business, which is a failure of a company. It means that there is no room for growth for the younger brother, which means that the entire team has no available younger brother to grow The Do Not List into the middle level, which means that the CEO is always busy maintaining the basics.

this is not right.

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