On june 24, the “trans-border electrical merchant wu lake” yi jiang station event and the municipal cross-border. Electrical business park award ceremony held in yijiang district. The first batch of 7 municipal cross-border electrical industrial parks was awarded。

After opening the digital rmb wallet. She immediately went to the supermarket to experience. The payment under the digital rmb line. In the second round of activities. She won another 88 yuan red envelope. Choose online shopping and order the vegetables and fruits you love online。

Among them, three provincial cross-border

Electrical business parks have been Photo Retouching Service automatically identified as wuhu cross-border e-commerce industrial parks. Located in the free trade zone; anhuihu feng cross-border electrical. Business park and premire cross-border cross-border e-commerce. Industry park located in yijiang district。the four identified in this review. Are the lin an cross-border electrical industrial park in wanwai district; the south xiangwan. Commercial cross-border electrical industrial park. In the hato river district; the cross-border electrical industrial park. In the prosperity district; and anhui in nanling county new mai cross-border electrical industry park。

They will further play a demonstration

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Effect, promote the accelerated development of cross-border electrical appliances in counties and districts, form a new highland with regional cross-border electrical business development, and enhance the support and radiation effects on the cross-border electrical industry in the city and the province。

The reporter learned that the next yijiang district will continue to give full play to the leading role of the provincial cross-border electrical Business Lead business park, taking the wuhu cross-border electrical comprehensive test area as an opportunity to further strengthen industrial functional support, improve service efficiency, cultivate high-quality enterprises, and strengthen industrial integration, increase online integration and development, and build a new pattern of cross-border electrician development。

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