The Adwords keyword planner can give you ideas to find keywords and ad groups base on the terms use in the product or service you want to promote, for the landing page or for the different product categories. Know which keywords work best : The statistics you get are essential to decide which keywords work, which ones to optimize and which ones to change. Discover forecasts and estimates of how the campaigns will work : Find out the volume of searches as well as the forecasts of clicks and conversions that the system estimates that you can get from your investment.

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The rest of the data that you show. Improve investment in AdWords : Thanks to the estimates that the word planner gives you, you can decide the bids to make and the budget with which you nee to work when establishing an ad campaign Algeria Phone Number List in Adwords. How does the AdWords Keyword Planner work? To begin with, as with any of the Google applications, it is essential to have a Google account to be able to work with the Adwords keyword planner. Also, being such a specific tool and dependent on one of Google’s main services.

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The keyword planner requires an AdWords account to access . Thus, if you create a Google AdWords account, you can begin to discover your appropriate keywords, extracting the benefits of their services and improving and optimizing Business Lead the use of the different keywords in your campaigns and SEO actions . The keyword planner interface is very easy to follow. You will see that when accessing from the Tools menu you will find 4 options with which to work: Find new ideas for keywords and ad groups. Get the search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups. Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords.

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