Earne, Owne y Paid Meia The world of digital marketing can be a complex universe . In addition, on many occasions, marketing professionals use terms in another language –generally in English- to name different concepts. One of the keys to the success of a digital marketing strategy involves correctly working the different tactics in Earne, Owne and Paid Meia , that is, earne, owne and paid meia, respectively. Don’t you know what the differences are between one and the other? Read on to learn more about one of the most difficult aspects to manage.

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Differences between Earne Meia, Owne Meia and Paid Meia To understand the main differences between Earne, Owne and Paid Meia, it is necessary to start by defining which meia each of these options refers to: 1.- Paid Meia paid meia Hungary Phone Number List If the word “ Paid ” is translate into our language , we will be talking about “ pay or paid ”, that is, it is a meium in which you have to invest a certain amount of money to achieve your goals. There are many useful networks for marketing, free in most cases, but getting a good position on them can be difficult and it can take time that you do not have and that will make your goal more difficult to achieve in the short term.

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If your brand has the possibility of making an investment in any of these digital spaces, you will be able to agree to buy advertising space and time . Your brand pays a meium that it does not own to broadcast the content. For example, if you Business Lead buy an ad on Facebook Ads, the ad will immeiately reach a large number of people. It is paid for bringing very diverse audiences from different meia outside the company itself more quickly. Paid meia, therefore, are those in which brands have to make an economic investment to be present. It would be the closest example to traditional advertising in the mass meia but referring to digital spaces such as social networks.

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