Options (tests), and the legal processes that guarantee its viability at an international level.  Among others. In addition, of course, to guarantee that the name is appropriate. With respect to the tone of voice or the architecture of the brand. Build brand Visual identity The definition of a visual identity consists of planning. And developing a graphic system and visual resources. That allow a characteristic and recognizable style to be given. To all the expressions with which a brand is manifested. The visual identity should inspire the creation of all types of communication materials. Harmonizing its style and creating a perception as a whole. But at the same time allowing it to adapt to different situations.

Whether it is corporate brands or product brands

Audiences, etc., whether it is corporate brands or product brands. In the former, the expression of identity encompasses contact points such T-Shirt Design Service as the corporate website, offices and points of sale, corporate communication, internal communication, vehicle fleets when there are any, etc. In product brands and especially in consumer brands. Packaging supermarket shelves and advertising communication are their main means of expression, without forgetting social and digital media of course. In all cases, the visual identity must: Evoke and convey brand personality Make all parts, services or products recognizable and aligned through certain codes and elements that are sufficiently clear: both graphically and in images, colors, frames, attitudes, etc. Hierarchize and order in a certain way the different pieces.

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Have continuity over time

Or assets Be functional, systematizable and have continuity over time. The visual identity is made up of the following elements: Logo Together with Business Lead the naming , it is one of the most recognizable distinctive signs of a brand’s identity . Its creation must contemplate its different elements, such as corporate typography, color or the possible symbol or icon. And it is important to know which ones we should use in each case and in what way. build a brand As with naming , beyond “I like it or I don’t like it” (something subjective), a logo must respond to the brand’s strategy and be consistent with the rest of the identity elements as a whole. Therefore, before ‘designing’ it, it is necessary to define what type of logo suits us, what it should express or where it is going to be used, among other things.

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