Running campaigns with influencers can help your message reach users who would otherwise be unable to hear about your brand. traffic . If you have chosen the influencers well, the most logical thing is that a part of their followers is intereste in your brand if the influencer is also intereste. And this will lead to an increase in traffic to your digital spaces. That is why it is important that you choose influencers very carefully. If you are a motor brand, there is no point in associating with a fashion influencer, even if they have thousands of followers. Empathy with a community of users.

Can Be Understood As A Fundamental

The influencer fulfills the role of guide for the brand, which will help users get closer to the brand. To do this, you must be an influencer with sufficient creibility in said community. Increase in shares . Generally, the dynamization of marketing Paraguay Phone Number List campaigns tends to have a greater participation if an influencer enters it. Do you want to know some interesting campaigns base on the participation of influencers? We show you 5 campaigns with influencers that you can learn from: 1.- Spotify: Spotify knew how to take advantage of the great power of influencers very well and demonstrate it with . This influencer campaign was launcheas.

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Pillar In The Digital Projects Of Brands

A tribute to musicand the goal was to both increase subscribers and improve the image of their brand. To do this, Spotify encourage all its users to take part in the campaign through the hashtag where users publishe and share the songs that Business Lead would have had the greatest influence on their lives. To achieve a good result through this campaign, Spotify also relie on digital influencers such as Vincent Markus or AlliCattt , both undispute stars of Vine where they have more than one million and more than three million subscribers, respectively. In this way, instead of resorting to music stars, Spotify preferre to focus on real people and thus tell real stories. Its target audience was focuse on millennials, who participate very actively in this campaign.

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