CEF.- Digital Marketing Courses Social Networks, Web Analytics, SEO and SEM, Creation of Web Pages with WordPress · What course do you need? ACL DirectPromo We know about Relational Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives We like to create unique experiences During the last two years, electronic commerce has experienced an absolute bombshell. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the ecommerce trend was already one of growth. Buying online had become something that everyone did and that consumers rewarded because it was comfortable and simple. However, the reality of the pandemic made online purchases seem even more crucial and important,

more decisive, and behavior patterns were migrating from the physical to the virtual universe. But this distorted the market analysis a bit. Should we expect the years to come to follow the same direction? Are these staggering growth rates going to continue? The latest eMarketer study on ecommerce analyzes the situation at a global level and allows us to understand what brands and marketers should expect from  Kuwait phone number citizens’ online consumption patterns. In general, ecommerce will continue to grow, but physical stores should not be unceremoniously removed from the equation.

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E-commerce will grow slower It is hardly surprising and even logical.  study on electronic commerce and where it will go in the next biennium is that growth will continue, but it will slow down “considerably”. This year, worldwide, it will grow by 12.2%. It is still a remarkable amount, but it will be less than what has happened in the immediate past. Since eMarketer started measuring ecommerce growth year over year in 2011, it was above 20%. We must not forget that the pandemic was a somewhat artificial situation (consumers either did not want or could not go to physical stores) that worked as an immediate boom for online purchases

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And that obviously sets the bar very high in terms of growth future). This also implies, on the other hand, that the heart attack figures of some subdivisions of ecommerce will start to be less impressive. The growth in mcommerce will slow down, although right now it is already 65.7% of all online purchases. Even so, this year is expected to close with sales of 5,542 billion dollars worldwide (trillion in English), exceeding 4,938 billion next year. Once the 5 billion mark has been broken, eMarketer expects similar figures to be year after year. In 2023 it will cross the 6 billion mark and in 2025 the 7 billion mark. No, the usual stores are not going to die Should we announce once and for all the death of retail?

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Absolutely. The study makes it clear that not only did purchases in physical stores grow faster than expected in 2021, but they also grew above pre-pandemic levels. In fact, the consultant points out that it had “a more solid year” than expected in 2021 and that it rose by 9.7%.  been greatly .” Although the coming years will not match that 9.7% growth, physical store sales are to continue to rise. They will do so by 5% this year, 4.8% in 2023, 4.9% in 2024 and 4.1% in 2025. This year, it will close with sales of 27.338 billion dollars. Growth will occur in all regions. Fewer new buyers will appear online

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