Encourage your audience to engage them Call to attention (optional): Customizable button that encourages people to click and participate in your page. Among them are “Buy now”, “Sign up”, “Download” or “Contact”. 6 factors to create effective Facebook Ads campaigns Knowing the structure of a Facebook Ads campaign is only the first step towards success. In order to create effective campaigns you will have to take care of the following 6 factors: 1.- Define clear objectives As in any marketing strategy. It is essential to be clear about the objectives you want to achieve with the campaign.

Element To Ensure That Your Campaigns

Therefore, always try to know exactly what you want to promote through the ad. Facebook aims at the following basic objectives: Facebook Ads Goals 2.- Organize the ad groups according to the different audiences It’s important that you select Nigeria Phone Number List which audiences you want to target and set a budget, scheule, bidding model, and placement for each ad set. So, you should create a separate ad set for each audience you’ve define so that the ad groups don’t compete with each other. It is also important that you make the decision about the maximum spend that you are willing to assume in each ad group something for which you have 2 options: Daily budget.

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Achieve The Proposed Objectives

Ad set budget. 3.- Decide the type of ad Some of the most common ads you can find on Facebook are: Interaction with a publication : This type of ad aims to achieve notoriety of the publications, thus reaching the maximum number of people Business Lead possible. Page promotion : In this case, the goal is to get as many ” Likes ” as possible and thus expand your audience. Sponsore Stories : These types of ads are very useful if your main objective is to make your brand, product or service known to different users. When creating a campaign you must select the location where you want the ads to appear , which can be.

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