Added to the pressure of consumers – who are increasingly making green purchasing decisions – are the words of the UN Tags sustainability marketing ods environment Pressure on brands skyrockets to be sustainable ACL DirectPromo We know about Relational Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives We like to create unique experiences CEF.- Digital Marketing Courses Social Networks, Web Analytics, SEO and SEM, Creation of Web Pages with WordPress · What course do you need? “Our assessment clearly indicates that in order to respond to these different challenges. It is necessary for everyone – governments, the private sector and civil society – to work together to prioritize risk reductio

as well as equality and justice in the decision making and investments. The statements are from Debra Roberts, co-chair of IPCC Working Group II, the UN body that has just released the report Climate Change 2022: Impacts. Adaptation and Vulnerability . The conclusions of the study, in which scientists from all over the world have participated. Are quite devastating. If action is not taken now, the window of opportunity to curb the impact  Latvia phone number of climate change will shrink to a point of no return. Practically half of the world’s population is already affected by the effects of global warming and, for the future, an even worse situation is looming. With more problems such as droughts

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diseases and instability caused by climate change. .”a catastrophe” is coming, as the UN Secretary Genera.  António Guterres, has assured. The UN body’s report has made headlines in the media around the world, despite even the news coming from Eastern Europe. His conclusions are so devastating that the media have had to make room for him in their thematic grids. Whatever it was. A new context for companies But. Although this analysis and its conclusions appeal mainly to those who make decisions at the administrative level, companies should not be left out of the data. They can’t do it. The very interpellations of the report make this clear.

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Therefore, To be greener and to ensure that complicated future. It is necessary to design cities in a green way, recover ecosystems. Shield others or eliminate fossil fuels. These are all points that affect the companies and brands themselves in their business decisions. In addition. It is that this report reinforces the increase in legislative measures in the different countries to mitigate the effects of climate change and force companies to be more respectful of the environment. The European Union already has regulatory packages and companies are already being to take into account sustainability in elements such as their taxation or their production chains.

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The SDGs, which mark the corporate strategy. Therefore, now with the so-called ESG criteria, for the acronym in English for environmental. Social and governance . It is a new context in which they will have to make things more sustainable  consumer pressure . We must add the growing concern of consumers and their preference for products that are sustainable and respectful of the environment. Therefore, Ipsos study from last summer already indicated that 89% of . Spaniards wanted information on the use of scarce natural resources to be on the labels of their products. 72% were even in favor of companies that used these materials paying a tax for it

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