A native cryptocurrency to facilitate transactions within its platform. Mana , for example, is the native currency of decentraland. And similarly, sandbox uses sand , while axie infinity uses axs . In conclusion, the metaverse promises many technological advances in a very short time. Although we are still a long way from being able to all connect to a metaverse in which to interact. It remains to develop that virtual universe, or a possible technology to connect to it.

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However, over the next few years we will see how new devices are launched that seek to connect us with this new virtual reality .the increase in prices , or what is known as inflation, reached its historical maximum in spain last march with a percentage increase of 9.8% compared to the Latvia Phone Number same month of the previous year. This rise in prices has culminated in the outbreak of the conflict between ukraine and russia . The war has caused the rise in the costs of energy, food and many essential supplies that in turn affect other essential goods.

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With all this, we are going to analyze throughout this article what have been the triggering factors of this critical situation for the spanish economy, as well as the consequences and the main products that will be affect by the rise in prices. We recommend the master in foreign trade and international finance for those who wish to learn more about international markets and develop professionally in them. The reasons for the price increase the inflation that we are experiencing during these months is an exceptional event that has been generat by a set of events that occurr in a very short period of time: energy dependency of spain.

Although the rise in prices is global, in spain it has intensified even more due to various reasons. One of the consequences is the association of the electricity bill with the evolution of wholesale gas prices, which have increased as a result of the ukrainian conflict. On the other hand, despite the fact that the taxes applied to fuels are not high in relation to other countries, when the raw material becomes more expensive, the rise in price and with respect to other countries is greater. In spain, electricity has increased by 80% compared to 33% in the eurozone. In reference to fuels,

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