Subsequently, these platforms, especially Facebook, often request more data to complete the registration. Among the usual data are: Studies and training. Emotional situation. Other forms of contact, such as the telephone. Interests, likes and hobbies. All the information collecte by social networks is then available to users who decide to advertise on them, since this data will segment the audience reache by the campaign. 3.- Campaigns to complete the information When a client is already registere for a service, it is usual for the company to contact them later to request more information.

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To specify what kind of interests they have. This second phase of collecting information is done in many different ways : Surveys, as in the example shown from GoDaddy. They allow the company to collect information on customer Thailand Phone Number List satisfaction, in addition to knowing which sections of the web can be improve, what interests they have or what topics they prefer to learn about. Calls to action. Some social networks, such as Twitter, LinkeIn or Facebook, often use a call-to-action button to invite users to complete their registration information. The messages use are usually of the type.

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Your profile is incomplete ». Complete an action. It may be that sharing the content, asking a question, writing a comment or joining the company’s social network profile is enough for the company to have more information about you. 4.- Incentive campaigns for inviting other users database acquisition: incentives Startups like Dropbox Business Lead have taken great advantage of recommendations that consist of invitations from current users to potential users who are friends with the former. These recommendations are usually accompanie by incentives or prizes for the inviter, that is, the current user. Like Dropbox, users get more storage space for every user they attract to Dropbox and complete the signup and installation process on the brand . It is a simple process and for which the user has a specific nee.

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