It’s a process that I’ve honed and perfected into a set of repeatable steps that has worked across a wide range of industries, from sales and marketing to cybersecurity and big data. It’s based on the concept that the easiest and most effective way to gain long-term value through content marketing is to build and nurture relationships with other content creators in your space, and that cold email is the foundation on which you build those relationships. We will South Africa WhatsApp Number List follow the research and outreach process I used for an article we wrote for Pandadoc, a leading document management company. The article was “Top Sales Blogs All Sales Managers Must Follow,” which:


If you start your content promotion after publishing your article, you are way too late. Promotion is much easier when you’ve connected with your targets. During the writing process and have them at least somewhat invested in your article before it goes live. If you don’t, you’ll end up doing a lot of “I saw you write about X. I wrote something similar, but that’s really great! Thought you might want to check it out! Here is the link. kind of awareness. This sensitization does not work. The people you contact don’t know you and won’t waste their time reading an article they have no reason to believe will be useful. On top of that, most people worth connecting with get these types of emails all the time, and it’s hard to stand out of their inbox with a message like that.

What Is Your Goal With This Content?

South Africa WhatsApp Number List
South Africa WhatsApp Number List

The other reason your promotion should start before you publish is that the whole process – from research. To pre-outreach, to writing, to promotion – should serve a specific purpose that you are trying to accomplish. with your item. I typically create content for the following reasons. To build relationships with other content creators in my space, whom I rely on to promote the piece and build connections Gain relevant organic traffic How to do number 2 is a subject for another article. The first, however, is what I will be working on in this article.


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