Most people consider email marketing to be dead. But did you know about 72% of people prefer emails to promote content? Surprisingly, the role of email marketing in the eCommerce industry has grown to mountain peaks.

The email open rate has spiked to 21%

especially in this sector. Of these, 2.56% of people are landing on the website, and part of them are making purchases. Cool. Right?

If you think email marketing isn’t working for your business, perhaps you’re doing it incorrectly. E-Commerce Training Directors Email Lists email strategy boasts several factors such as campaign goals, killer copy, personalization, timing, and more.

Training Directors Email Lists

Now, let’s dive deeper into the best email marketing strategies for eCommerce. Read on!

What is Ecommerce Email Marketing The Ultimate Guide

It’s time to understand email marketing in brief. Email marketing is defined as sending short to long-form commercial emails to a particular segment of people.

To be more specific, a specific message is sent to the potential customer via email. For e-commerce brands, emails are potent weapons to attract, nurture, and convert ideal prospects.

Although email marketing is a true gem, it has been surrounded by colossal myths for over several years. Even today, people consider email marketing to be a waste of time.

Here’re a few eye-openers, even if you’re wondering whether email marketing works or not.

  • Research shows that powerful email marketing strategies generate about $38 for every $1 spent by the brands.
  • According to McKinsey, the AOV(Aka Average Order Value) is 3X higher than that of paid ads or social media branding tactics.
  • Over 80% of retail businesses are leveraging email campaigns and promotions.
  • Email marketing influences 59% of your customers’ buying decisions.

Most significantly, everyone, including you and me, uses email daily. Think about how many times you check your email inbox. MailMunch states that over 99% of your customers look into their email inbox each day.

And by 2023, worldwide email users are expected to hit 4.3 billion. This is the reason the craze for email marketing is growing immensely.

9 Most Important Types Of Ecommerce Emails You Shouldn’t Miss Out On  The Ultimate Guide

Businesses craft separate emails based on the purpose or goal of the email.

A few types of emails include Welcome, Loyalty, Re-engagement, Anniversary, Promotional, Post-Purchase, Review or Rating Request, Order Confirmation, Tips/Educational, Cart Abandonment, Price Drop, Back In Stock, Delivery Confirmation, Shopping Notifications, and a lot more.

Let’s discuss a few email types.

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