I want to decide who can see my ad », YouTube will display two more options: locations. They are the countries and regions that you want to be include in the ad broadcast, select those countries and places in which your product is interesting. Interests . This field works like a usual tag field in any social network, including the YouTube manager itself. You will have to include, separate by commas, all those keywords that you think narrow your audience . Include all the words, since it will be thanks to these words that YouTube will decide which audience is the one that may be intereste in your ad.

Segments Exist Geographic By Country

Type of ad As explaine above, YouTube allows you to create several types of ads: in-stream ads and in-display ads. In-stream ads are the ads that are shown when you start playing a video . The ad automatically skips and sometimes Bahrain Phone Number List allows you to remove it, and other times you nee to see the entire ad to get to the video you wante to play. In-display ads differ from in-stream ads because they are not playe automatically but are available for the YouTube user to choose whether or not to play the video in question.

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Region Age The Facebook System Allows

The ad video will be displaye next to the Recommende or Similar Videos.  Bar that appears next to the currently playing video. choose the ad type Through in-stream. The YouTube system is the one that makes the ad jump to the user.  Therefore, the user is oblige to consume it. In the first case, the ad is more invasive, but it has more options Business Lead to reach the customer. YouTube does not charge if the ad is close before 30 seconds . Once this barrier is exceee, the user who has seen the ad will be counte as a conversion and, therefore, will be charge for that viewing. In the case of in-display video, the video is show so that the user himself decides to click.

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