Once these steps have been complete, all that remains is to start shaping your blog by publishing and sharing content that is relevant to attract a specific audience. What are the advantages of WordPress? WordPress has become the main platform for blogs mainly because it offers the following advantages: Easy to use . It is a very intuitive platform and allows you to design and customize the blog as you like. It ‘s free . Although later you have the possibility of incorporating functions with the premium option. Customer service.

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The platform has a personal forum where you can present any questions you have about WordPress in order to clarify it or solve possible problems. The platform has a mobile application. In addition, most of the templates are responsive, that is, they allow an adequate visualization both in desktop environments and on mobile devices. It helps to position Netherlands Phone Number List content in search engines in a simple way. 2.- Blogger blogging platforms: Blogger Blogger is the platform for blogs that gave its name to this type of digital content. Initially it was born as an alternative project of the company Pyra Labs that in 2003 was bought by Google. Blogger’s success was and still is its simplicity.

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The initial objective was to allow digital content to be publishe without the nee to know code and in a simple and intuitive way. With the acquisition by Google, it is only necessary to have a Gmail account for your first blog in less than 3 minutes. To do this you must access your Google data and click on ” New Blog “. The platform will ask you for Business Lead the title of the blog, the URL and choose the template that you like the most from a range of free options. What are the advantages of Blogger? Despite the fact that in recent years Blogger has lost its dominant position in favor of WordPress, the truth is that creating a blog on this platform allows you to take advantage of the following advantages: It is totally free.

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