It is a way of doing marketing that is characterize by promoting closeness between the client and the advertiser , by using fast communication techniques and customizing base on the target and location of the client at the time of advertising. The advantage of proximity marketing over other forms of marketing is that it is more effective due to its direct impact on the target audience . The possibility of segmenting according to the physical position of the ad or the advertiser, allows all the people who come to that environment to be potential customers to whom the proximity marketing action can be directe.

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Geolocation Marketing Vs Proximity Marketing Some of the ways of doing marketing incorporate bluetooth as a basic tool to do so. The Wi-Fi signals, the segmente SMS or the applications and web pages that offer the content depending on the place and moment in which the client is, make the position and moment in which the campaign Lithuania Phone Number List is being accesse, the geolocation, be a key issue for advertising. Geolocation marketing is carrie out through mobile devices with a geolocation option , which incorporate applications or options that can locate and track the user’s position and act base on that information provide by the place and time. It is, therefore, a segmentation action that the user of the mobile device himself.

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The one who is going to receive the ad, does automatically, without the nee for the advertiser to decide whether it is the customer that interests him or whether, on the contrary, he is not intereste. The work of selecting the client, which is done in situ on the street, through geolocation is automate and left in the hands of technology, so that it can decide Business Lead for itself if the client is intereste or not. The only condition that the company that does proximity marketing and opts for geolocation techniques will have to meet is to program its action so that, depending on the place and time, the client receives a different message , or a variation of the message. It will be useless to incorporate geolocation if it is ultimately a factor that is not use when it comes to receiving the impact of the marketing action.

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