Her father. Very religious and obsessed with the end of the world. Never allowed her to study or have contact with many things that. For most of us. Are common. Such as going to the doctor. Defying the odds. Tara not only managed to start studying. She managed to get to one of the best universities in the world. Cambridge. Where she completed her phd. In her journey. She also talks about an important point: her hesitation and the great difficulty for being afraid of. In pursuing her dream. Jeopardizing her relationship with her family. 6. Very good lives – jk rowling “it’s impossible to live without failing at something.

And Important Experience

Unless you live so cautiously that it’s as if you weren’t even living at all—which is also a failure.” jk rowling had her harry potter book notoriously rejected 12 times Estonia Phone Numbers before she landed a publisher. Would many people have given up in her place? Possibly. In this book. We can read the author’s famous speech to harvard graduates in 2008. She tells the story of overcoming a period of great difficulty. With lessons on the importance of having friends and people who care about you in times like these. And it also talks about the importance of imagination to help us overcome barriers. 7. Through the walls – marina abramovic a pioneer in performance as a visual art form.

Estonia Phone Numbers

The serbian artist is world renowned for her body control. Endurance and innovation in art. Marina had a strict upbringing during the dictatorship in yugoslavia and her family lived with unusual luxuries at the time. However. Her family was unloving and she had a complicated relationship with her mother. Marked by indifference and even violence. How to overcome the way she was raised and change her life to the point of becoming an icon in her field? Marina tells us how her history and training influenced her role as an artist. We perceive the human side of a world-renowned person. But who shares his weaknesses. To show that everyone makes mistakes.

As Obvious As It May Seem

Furthermore. We note that her courage and the success she has achieved do not prevent her from having recent regrets. “it’s amazing how fear is built into you by others around you” more than mirroring us in his story. Which is quite unique. We can observe how his attitude of taking risks can inspire us to get out of the obvious and therefore out of our comfort zone. 8. Natural beauty – liana melo a story not only of overcoming. But also of self-esteem and entrepreneurship. Zica assis and leila velez had a poor childhood in the south of rio de janeiro.

Leila started working at mcdonald’s at age 14 and soon became the company’s manager. Zica was a maid when she felt uncomfortable with the fact that whenever she went to a beauty salon. She was encouraged to straighten her hair. By doing numerous tests. Zica created a great product to control curls. And. Realizing that this was a common pain among women. She joined leila. Together. They created the company instituto beleza natural. Today. They are part of endeavor. The largest organization supporting entrepreneurship with economic and social impact.

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