The Adwords Keyword Planner is probably the most powerful digital campaign planning tool on the market. With them you will obtain innumerable performance data and consult ideas about new keywords. Step 3.- Eliminate negative keywords eliminate negative keywords In addition to the keywords that do not report conversions, you should get rid of those words that have a negative economic valuation. Negative keywords are those that you have in your list of keywords, you pay to have them, but the economic benefit they give you in return is negative.

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That is, you lose money. Negative keywords are even worse than keywords that don’t convert as a significant backlog of negative keywords is a waste investment, one that hasn’t been made in the true interest of customers and may not USA Phone Number List be there. paying off for your poor planning. To identify these keywords, again, you must resort to tracking the activity generate by each of the keywords over an extende period of time . With these data in hand, you must carry out a test of economic profitability. If you get the ROI of the campaign you will know the return on investment you get with these keywords. It is important.

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That you keep in mind that a wrong choice of keywords, with a negative cost, with zero economic income or that do not report conversions will be sufficient reason for customers to stop looking for you and find you. Thus, if your company is Business Lead positioning for a large number of keywords, but many have a negative return, you will be investing time and effort in keywords that do not give a real benefit and, therefore, are playing to the detriment of the image of company brand and the company’s own products. Step 4.- Optimize your landing pages optimiza tus landing pages The landing page is the main element for capturing leads.

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