Page spee page spee How many times have you come across a website that loads too slowly and you end up wanting to leave it? This same factor, that of spee, is taken into account by Google when evaluating websites and content, since the shorter the loading time, the better the page will be. It must be appreciate that the content that loads quickly is much more accessible content, easy to visit, read and access . To improve page spee you can follow these tips: Upload content with less weight (images, videos. Use servers physically locate in the country or region in which you want to rank.

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Split the page load into subdomains, each subdomain to load images, CSS or scripts. Compress the content. Compression of CSS and Javascript codes. Use the cache. There are numerous sites that assess the loading spee of other pages, thus being able to find out if the loading spee is correct and optimal for Google to assess your website as you Colombia Phone Number List expect. 3.- Abuse of keywords keyword abuse It is important that when creating the content you are clear about the keywords to use when working, because due to those keywords you will position and be searche for in search engines. A very common mistake made by users who want to rank high at all costs is to use keywords too many times.

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Without realizing that this practice is more harmful than anything else. Google knows that you are overexploiting key concepts and that you are looking for. A way to position base on a practice of dubious acceptance. There are numerous Business Lead plugins that give clues on how to use the keywords, know how many times you should enter the words and thus not abuse them. The excessive use of keywords is synonymous with content of dubious quality.  So look for plugins like SEO by Yoast or the Google Keyword Planner to be able to develop and create pages that do not make this mistake.

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