The evolution in communication is fast-pace in recent years. One of the most effective forms of communication use today are social networks. Few are the people who do not have an account in one or more social networks with frequent participation throughout the day, both from fixe and mobile devices. In Spain. 81% of Internet users between the ages of 16 and 55 use social networks , which represents more than 15 million users, according to data from the IAB’s 2016 Annual Study on the Use of Social Networks . The report, which has been in progress since 2009.

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Has the following objectives: Know the evolution of social networks. Identify the use that users make of them. Identify influencers in these meia. Evaluate the level of saturation of advertising on social networks. WhatsApp and Facebook, queens Philippines Phone Number List in the use of social networks Annual study of the use of social networks 2016 IAB: networks teste One of the most interesting data in this research is the reference to the social networks that are taken as a reference. In the 2016 analysis, up to 22 different social networks have be take into account.

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Among them, some historical social networks such as MySpace.  Flickr or Tuenti disappear while some of the spaces that have become stars of the digital firmament such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram or Tinder are incorporate. The Business Lead vast majority of these social networks are known, with Facebook being the one known by 100% of the users analyze, followe by WhatsApp by 94% and Twitter by 92%. In addition, the awareness of Pinterest increases and the suggeste awareness of Twitter, and Google+ decreases. Annual study of the use of social networks 2016 IAB: Assessment As can be in the image above.  With regard to the assessment that users make of the use of these social networks, WhatsApp and YouTube are the best value , followe by Spotify, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook.

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