On the other hand, the worst value are Google+, Line and LinkeIn. This data is reaffirme when evaluating which are the social networks that users like the most, where WhatsApp and Facebook once again stand out, which between them add up to 76% of the preference. They are followe as social networks that most like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Lose weight habitual uses in the beginnings of social networks Annual study of the use of social networks 2016 IAB: Activities carrie out The leading social network in terms of the frequency of use of social networks is also WhatsApp.

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With 5.14 hours, followe by Spotify with 4.24 hours and Facebook with 4.23 hours. The average time spent using social networks, 2.57 hours, has increase compare to 2014 due to the incorporation of WhatsApp into the study. For its part, the Poland Phone Number List frequency of visits on WhatsApp and Instagram increase and decrease on Twitter and Google+. YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp are the social networks with the most stable use. Regarding the activities that users carry out on social networks, it is worth mentioning sending messages and chatting, that is.

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A social use of these networks, including seeing what their contacts are doing. The increase in this activity is mainly due to the introduction of WhatsApp, Telegram and Line in the studio. Other activities that have less influence on the Business Lead use of social networks but that also stand out are viewing videos, listening to music through YouTube or Spotify, participating in contests or following brands. An interesting fact is that seeing what contacts are doing and commenting on news , two of the main uses of social networks in the beginning, lose weight . 85% of users follow influencers on social networks Annual study of the use of social networks 2016 IAB: influencers Another aspect that is analyze in the IAB Annual Study of social networks are the devices from which users connect to social networks.

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