However, this same study ensures that although 80% of the leading brands affirm that the experience they generate is superior , only 8% of consumers support it. How do we overcome this gap? There are four keys to a correct staging of the brand strategy: build a brand What is brand activation. Brand activation contemplates the initiatives. Plans and actions that may be necessary to build the image. And brand experience that we want. Cccording to the strategy that we have determined. Any company has, by the mere fact of carrying out an activity. Five dimensions through which it can express what it believes in and what characterizes it as a brand. These are its products and services processes.

The physical environments in which it carries

People communication of all kinds, the physical environments in which it carries out its activities and the digital environments. On the other Illustrator Art Work hand, the activation of these dimensions consists of four stages: 1.- Identification of contact points Based on the conclusions drawn in the strategic phase and according to the defined communication territories, an analysis and identification of all the touchpoints or contact opportunities that we can have with our stakeholders and for each of the dimensions is carried out.Also establishing an order of importance and priority in the weight or incidence that each one of them can have in the construction of the brand experience. Although all the contact points are key and must be activated in a coordinated manner, for each company there are some that may be more important.

Illustrator Art Work

Or even more complicated to activate than others

Or even more complicated to activate than others. In a service business, people are the key dimension, while in a consumer product it will Business Lead be the product itself, the packaging and the communication. In a store, logically it will be the physical environment of the point of sale, although personal attention is also key. And for a brand that operates in the digital environment , this will be the priority dimension to work on, although the others must also be taken care of and activated as a brand Construction of the customer journey Once the different touchpoints or contact points have been analysed, it will be time to identify and capture the journey that our audiences take in interacting with them. A journey that begins long before the sale and continues after it. And that it is not necessarily linear, but that it goes back.

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