You can access Meium through your Facebook or Twitter profile, and once inside, in a few minutes you will have explore all the customization options that the platform allows. What are the advantages of Meium? If you have not yet decide on any of the above options, these are the advantages that you will find in Meium: Quality content. One of the most important elements for Meium is the content. Therefore, the content that can be found on this platform is of quality. If you have quality content and want to create a blog, this is your platform.

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The blogs that are create are also optimize for mobile devices. collaboration . It is a platform that greatly encourages the interaction of the entire community, both writers and readers, such as sharing content, suggesting articles or commenting on Pakistan Phone Number List posts. It is very easy to use and also, in a quick way, you can get very good aesthetics and designs. As you have seen, these 5 blogging platforms are simple and do not require programming knowlege so that you can focus on what is important: what you have to say. Earn money with your Blog with Coobis In addition to the classic Google Adsense ads, which can be a good way to monetize your blog.

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One of the best ways to earn money with your blog is sponsore posts. Sponsore posts are articles commissione by advertisers that you can write and publish on your blog in exchange for a fixe payment. As often happens, the problem Business Lead is not the willingness to provide this service, but the way to find advertisers and for this task there is a platform calle Coobis that markets your “sponsore posts” for you. If you want to sign up for Coobis and start earning money with your Blog, you can do it here.Analysis of the 2016 IAB report on the use of social networks May 03, 2016 Drafting Social Ads Did you like our article? 4.1/5 – (31 votes) IAB 2016 report on social meia use.

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