Regarding the relationship between social networks and e-commerce, only 14% of those surveye have state that they have ever purchase through a social network , a figure that has not change compare to 2014. However, 65% have accepte that has been influence for the purchase, mainly by Facebook. The products that are most purchase on social networks are clothing, footwear and accessories and the main drivers of the purchase are the offers and good prices or the interest in the product. One in three users has visite a brand’s page on social networks after seeing the ad in a meia outlet.

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Something in which sectors such as fashion and travel stand out. Women are more intereste in fashion and beauty and men in travel and electronic or computer products. The IAB’s 2016 Annual Study of the Use of Social Networks shows that the South Korea Phone Number List use of social networks is increasingly broad in terms of time of use or the age range of users. In addition, a series of social networks emerge and others are falling into disuse depending on the ease, availability and possibilities they offer the user. In Antevenio Go! We use our own innovative technology to improve the conversion of landing pages.

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Base on user behavior depending on the source of acquisition from which it comes, triggering A/B tests with the ultimate goal of optimizing the click to lead ratio. Talk later?5 examples of database recruitment campaigns on the internet May 02, 2016 Writing Lead Generation Did you like our article? 4/5 – (90 votes) database fetch examples The Business Lead capture of databases is essential to be able to launch a digital marketing campaign, get to know the customer and improve the activity of the company itself. Many brands use databases to work, but some still do not appreciate its importance or do not know what methods to use to attract new customers to complete and grow their registration lists.

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