Owen Maia own media Also ” Own ” has its translation into Castilian: ” propio “. In this case, we would be talking about the meia or channels owne by a certain brand , through which it communicates with its viewers, users or subscribers. The company itself is the one that has the power and exclusive rights over the publication. In this place the brand exposes its contents . You have the possibility, not only to display advertisements, but also to talk about your products, your brand, to promote issues relate to your company or what you sell.

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Thus creating a programming grid with a theme for fans or intereste people. in this type of content. Some examples of Owne Meia of a company or brand can be : Your website. Your blog (example highlighte in the image above). Sus newsletters. Your own landing pages . It is important to consider that, in this case, the brand is the Israel Phone Number List one that creates the content, the one that decides what is broadcast, when it is broadcast and where it is broadcast. On the other hand, it is also the brand that carries out the design and is in charge of revisions and improvements in order to achieve loyalty among followers or new users.

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In this case, it cannot be considere that it is free since generating.  Quality content always requires an investment, sometimes financial, and other times resources, even if they are within the same company. Therefore, it is also important to Business Lead measure the impact and return that all these efforts generate for your company . 3.- Earne Meia earne meia In English the word ” Earn ” means ” win “, that is, it refers to the reward that is achieve for a job well done. This can be the result of many factors: a good advertising campaign, well-distribute content, an impeccable customer experience, viral content. Therefore, Earne Meia refers to the recognition you get in certain spaces after a good job.

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