All this in real time which will help you make the right decisions at all times. Facebook tiere campaign structures Structure of Facebook Ads In order to benefit from all these advantages, it is essential that you work properly with the structure of your account. Facebook Ads campaigns have been hierarchical in the following three levels of structure: 1.- Campaign A Facebook Ads campaign must always have the same common goal. Therefore, you should set up a campaign for each of your marketing objectives.

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At this level you must choose what you want to achieve with your ads: promote, create awareness, get interactions. In this way, the campaigns will allow you to set an objective so that all the ads serve to achieve it: ” Page likes ” , clicks to the Nepal Phone Number List web in question, installation of applications. In addition to the objective, in this level you must select the city, the currency and the time of the zone. 2.- Ad group The second level defines the data to choose your audience, scheule your ads (where and when you want them to appear) and the investment you are willing to pay for them. It is important to know that it can contain.

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In The Case Of Email Marketing

One or more ads and even offers, and that a budget and scheule must be establishe for each of the ads. With this, you will better define the targeting, placement, control of the amount to invest in each audience, the time they see your ads Business Lead and the measurement of the response. When you’re at the ad group level, you’ll nee to decide things like: Location. Age. Gender. Idiom. Interests. Connections (people who like your page, friends of friends who like your pag. Price you want to pay to promote your page. 3.- Announcement The third level focuses on the ad itself, in which you must work on aspects such as: Descriptive text : description about what you are promoting Images and videos.

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