In fact, she manage to bring together many of the best tennis players in the world such as Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Roger Feerer and María Sharapova . The four tennis players surprise all users by recreating that ad from 1995. The company create the hashtag so that all users had the chance to follow the great event live . The campaign had a great impact, which was to be expect since Nike got the participation of the biggest influencers in the world of tennis whom everyone admires. In addition, this campaign incorporate a great emotional factor.

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They create a lot of nostalgia in some users by recreating such a mythical tennis match. Therefore, Nike hit the nail on the head with this influencer campaign and also, having create a hashtag so that all users could follow the event live was another Romania Phone Number List point in favor, since it provide a lot of dissemination and visibility to the event. 5.- International Delight: Cold Stone Creamery Flavors campañas con influencers: International Deligth One of the areas where campaigns with influencers have proven particularly effective is the gastronomy sector. One of the most interesting examples is that of the International.

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Delight company to promote its new line of flavors calle Cold Stone Creamery Flavors. To make the campaign work, the company selecte several food bloggers to share different tips and recipes always using International Delight Business Lead products. One of the most popular influencers who achieve great success through her tips and recipes was the blogger behind “ Will cook for smiles ”. Among other data, she achieve the impressive figure of 28,000 pins on Pinterest for a photo of one of the brand’s shakes. International Delight also encourage users to participate by uploading and posting their own photos on social meia showing different recipes create by themselves and using their products.

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