Everyone cannot deny that many things have changed in past years, and digital marketing is no exception. Even though the COVID-19 placed the world under threat, the pandemic has propelled the rate of digitalization exponentially.

With 74% more Singaporean consumers shopping online, this change in consumer behavior made many businesses struggle to stay afloat.

They had to shift to the “new norm” and adapt their business strategies accordingly to promote their products and services successfully in today’s current situation.

2022 might be almost halfway through the year, but there is still more time to learn the eight digital marketing trends and implement them together with your current business strategies. Watch this video to discover what 2022 has in store for digital marketing.


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Keep reading to learn more about Chairman Email Lists these eight digital marketing trends in 2022!

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1. Visual Search

Technological advancement has come to a time when people can find out and learn more about an unfamiliar object they stumble upon by uploading its image onto the search engine.

Whether it is Google, Yahoo! or Bing, search engines nowadays offer visual search. This feature uses image recognition technology to identify the object in the image that a user uploaded and generate multiple relevant results.

To adapt to this digital marketing trend, you need to optimize your products’ images. Below are the tips you need to do:

  • Include an alt text
  • Save a descriptive filename
  • Have an image sitemap
  • Use the appropriate image size and format

2. Shoppable Posts

Consumers nowadays can shop directly on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. To create a shoppable post, e-commerce business owners can add shoppable tags on an existing or new social media marketing campaign with pricing and brief product descriptions.

Once done, a shoppable should look like this:

This image showcases how shoppable posts work when a consumer finds something they like while browsing on social media.

Instead of going to a brand’s e-commerce website, this unique feature on social media allows consumers to purchase any products advertised on social media marketing campaigns that they have encountered on their newsfeed.

With more than half of the world’s population now using social media, shoppable posts are a digital marketing trend that is here to stay. Expect more people to shop on social media as the average social media usage increases.

3. Gamification Top 8 Digital

Another digital marketing trend that has been popular for a while now is gamification.  Using video game elements for digital marketing, interacting and communicating with customers become more engaging.

Since the age of consumers is getting younger as time passes, implementing gamification is a terrific way to appeal to younger consumers and stand out from competitors.

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