Call center agents’ duties aren’t limited to dealing with customers correctly. In other words, there’s more to it than that. They also need to be able to access and update customer data, handle contacts, manage prioritized callbacks, etc. They need to perform multiple tasks with contact center software tools. And to do this successfully, they first need to learn how to work with them. So, you might want to add software-related modules to your training to help agents work with the tools.

Depending on your audience, needs, and the complexity of the software, you can create either text- or video-based training materials. Create articles with images in your LMS to guide trainees step by step on how to use simple software. For more complex cases, you might want to Engineering Directors Email Lists record a screencast with highlighted buttons, system sounds, and other special effects that make the training process more comprehensive.

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5. Connect Training to Real Life

One of the main reasons employees aren’t engaged in training is that they don’t see how the new knowledge is relevant to their daily tasks. It’s much like when children don’t like math because they don’t see how all those equations and integrals will be of use in their life.

Try to make it clear to trainees precisely what they will gain by completing the course and how it will enhance their performance. For example, suppose you give a lecture on human behavior to call center agents. In that case, you might highlight that this new knowledge will help them understand customers better, what makes them angry and what pleases them, how to deal with their emotions, etc. This, in turn, will help agents resolve more issues and advance in their careers.

To Wrap Up Train Agents to

Call center agents can enjoy and look forward to customer service training if they understand how it benefits them and if their training experiences are engaging. You can achieve this by moving your training online and using the right online training tools – an LMS and an authoring tool. If you don’t have one yet, check out the list of the best learning management systems.

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