Situation, workshops , validations the result will be a roadmap that indicates short. However, Medium and long-term plans from a global, multi-departmental and multi- stakeholder perspective . However, In this video, we tell you how we at Summa understand the process. Of defining a brand’s strategy New Call-to-action 3. Brand identity The identity of a brand is the set of features that characterize and distinguish a brand. However, In reality, identity, in its conceptual dimension, includes the aspects defined in the strategy, but in general when talking about brand identity, it is usual to refer to the elements that allow it to be identified and differentiated. That is, to its expressive dimension, both at the level of visual and verbal language.

Identity includes all the verbal and sensory

From this perspective, identity includes all the verbal and sensory resources that allow us to give presence and expression to a brand. Brand Wedding Photo Editing identity is the filter through which we experience what a brand is and what it offers us. The elements that make up the identity of a brand are the name. The basic identification signs (symbol and/or logo). And visual verbal style  although aspects of sound. And olfactory identity must also be taken into account.  Which in some cases are very relevant. Defining this set of resources in detail and doing it according. To what is reflected in the strategic platform is key. Because without clear criteria that inspire the expression of a brand. There can be no consistency in the expressions. So recognition by the public it will be more complicated and cost more money.

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Time to obtain a well-developed brand identity

Time to obtain a well-developed brand identity should: build a brand verbal identity Verbal style is worth talking about , as it is an aspect Business Lead of identity that is often not given enough attention. In these cases, the tone or verbal expression is at the expense of each campaign or the agency that carries it out, when it must have a much greater projection. Brands must have a verbal and writing style that defines how the brand speaks, writes and communicates. Also consider the words, expressions or expressions, verb tenses or grammatical structures that will help characterize and distinguish the brand. To express itself in a coherent way when activated through any of its dimensions, reflecting its personality and role as a brand. Having a well-defined verbal style allows: Be very clear about the tone of voice of the brand.

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