Those surveye connect through the computer in a time slot that goes from 8:30. to 12:30. in 68% of the cases. However, the increase that occurs year after year in the use of mobile devices to consult social networks continues . 91% of users make the connection via mobile in a wider time slot, from 4:00. to 12:30. in 65% of cases. This data is reinforce by 28% of users connecting through tablets between 8:30 . and 12:30 . in 66% of cases. For their part, a large majority, amounting to 85% of those surveye, declare that they follow influencers through some social network.

That Users See The Most Serieaffinity

Of them, 29% read and share the content and 71% only read it. The issues that interest them are fundamentally current affairs, politics and society, fashion, sports, and less, technology and computing and music. It is interesting to note Russia Phone Number List that the social network most use to follow these influencers is Facebook, 63%, followe by Twitter, 34%, YouTube, 20%, and Instagram, with a meager 17% of users who claim to follow influencers on this social network. 81% of users follow brands on Facebook Annual study of the use of social networks 2016 IAB.

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Monitoring of brands Many of the users surveye admit to following different brands through social networks as well. The main motivations for following these brands are informative : Stay informe. Know products and services. Have a link Business Lead with the brand for being to your liking. To obtain benefits through contests or discounts. Know how the brand works. To buy. To access the SAC For their part, the main motivation of users to continue being followers of the brands is that they publish interesting content for the user, that they update their content, that they carry out promotions or that they publish updates on new products. Therefore, dynamism and the publication of relevant content are the two fundamental axes for the user.

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