When should we update any aspect of our brand. In the first place it is necessary to insist that when conceiving. Creating a brand, as well as all its signs of identity.  It must be considered with a timeless and lasting perspective. But this does not mean that over time it is not necessary. to totally or partially adjust or update the elements that identify a brand. Since there are a series of factors that make it necessary for the brand.  To go through a redesign. These factors can be. Strategic: when the company undergoes a total change in its strategy. The brand must undergo a redesign Market or technological. Some changes at the legislative level or great technological advances.

Will require our brands to be adapted

Will require our brands to be adapted or updated through a redesign Aesthetics: the brand must be updated from time to time so as not to be Raster to Vector Conversion outdated. Therefore, you must be aware of changes and new trends that may appear in the market. Changes in the competition: similar to the aesthetic one, but this time only focused on the changes that affect the market. You must monitor and be aware of what is happening in the sector. And if we have become obsolete with respect to our competition. Rebranding or Restyling Although these terms are often used as synonyms. When deciding to make a change in the brand. The needs must be very clear and therefore the degree of evolution that is appropriate and necessary. A restyling has to do with the modification. Normally slight, of some aspects.

Raster to Vector Conversion

So it is a lesser change than a rebranding

Of the brand’s visual identity, so it is a lesser change than a rebranding. Before embarking on a rebranding , as we said, there must Business Lead be clear reasons for carrying out the change or evolution: That time has left the brand identity outdated An important change or evolution in the activity of the company That the product or the sector have undergone major changes When our company strategy changes Or if a simplification in the symbol and identity of the brand is needed Once we have the answers to these aspects, we must define the scope and depth that we want to address with our rebranding. And the reason. It is not the same that the motivation for a redesign is the loss of market share than a reputation problem, for example. It is also different if it is a B2B or B2C business.

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