What is behind the CTA – call to action of a website is the story of the little things that imply great results. You can have a very powerful website with great content and the latest design. But if you don’t take into account the importance of promoting conversions through calls to action or CTAs. Meeting the objectives set will be very . . In this article we will see the keys to optimize your call to actions and get the most out of them. What is the Call to Action? The call to action (CTA) is an image or line of text that prompts visitors to a web page to act. An example of a CTA is a “click here” button. The CTA comes from the acronym for “call to action”, an anglicism that is already fully into the day-to-day marketing language.

Its translation in Spanish is “call to action” and refers to when we want to somehow impact a visitor to perform an action that interests us. The CTA aims to generate an immediate response to achieve the objective that is marked. The importance of the CTA on your website Within a web page. The call to action has the form of a button or link in which a text must appear that invites you to click on it to fulfill a certain objective. This will vary  Egypt phone number according to the purpose pursued. Download a program, buy a product. Read an article. Visit a website… The CTA is that call to action necessary to attract potential customers. It usually links the usual content of the web portal with a landing page that contains relevant information or some type of offer for the potential customer,

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often the most common way is to through a contact form. The call to action is related to Copywriting, since good writing can make a difference. As much as the topic to be is interesting. If we do not capture attention with good writing, being original, with a careful style, short sentences and an absence of linguistic embellishments, it is useless to have a good CTA because we will not have reached anyone by lack of quality in the text. For this reason, the Call to action is within content marketing , if we do not engage with the content beforehand, no one will click on the subsequent call to action to expand or delve into the subject to be . Data Driven Content Marketing Develop

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your content marketing strategy based on data Download this ebook! → ads illustration Requirements to create a good CTA We enter the page that we enter, we are by call to action buttons or links that surround us and ask us to carry out different types of actions at all times. A habit as daily as logging into Facebook already responds to a CTA by clicking on its “Enter” button. All this saturation means that, on many occasions. Our eyes no longer take into account those buttons that incite actions ( content blindness ). Therefore, creating a call to action requires a minimum effort to achieve the click,

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to make it attractive and inciting enough to rest the mouse on it. By following these tips that we propose, the CTA of your page will be more successful for browsers. Present it in a spacious format Leaving a free space around it so that it gains visibility and that the user does not find distractions nearby. Allows gaining space to focus the user’s attention on the button. In this way, we ensure that the call to action button is not hidden or with any other element. Button design The design of the links or call to action buttons must be consistent with the style of the entire web .

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