The news section for computer. The mobile news section. The right column. Of course, if you want to increase the chances of your ad being seen, you can choose multiple placements. 4.- Adapt the type of bid to the objective you want to achieve One of the most important aspects of a Facebook Ads campaign is deciding whether you want to bid for clicks, impressions, or any other goal. This choice will vary the payment method and the users to whom the ad is shown.

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Create several ads to optimize the content Testing at the ad level is essential to find out which ads perform best. For this it is important that you create several ads with different combinations of images, video, text or links . Always remember Norway Phone Number List that the title must not excee 25 characters and in the case of the description, which must be consistent with the objective of the campaign, it must not excee 90 characters. In addition, you must choose a good image that correctly represents the objectives. This image must have measurements of 120×120 pixels.

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When associating the images, it is also important to take into account.  That the creative text should never excee 20% of the image. To find out if these measures are followe correctly, the social network itself provides applications such as Text Overlay for free . This tool reports on the percentage that your creative text occupies in the image. Each ad Business Lead group has a limit of 50 ads. 6.- Reistribute budgets Find out which ad groups will make it easier for you to achieve your goals . Deactivate the worst-performing ads and ad groups and reistribute the budgets allocate to each of them to focus on the most effective ones. Finally, don’t forget to track your Facebook Ads campaigns to see which ones are succeeing and which ones are being reject.

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