Generation Z So what are the aspirations of young people. What do you expect from the sport. And what kind of experience should be created to attract them. In conclusion, They want to connect with the clubs and with the athletes from other angles. They want to be part of conversations. To be part of the decisions that can be made. It’s time for the new fan Generation Z is 32 of the world’s population. It is the largest generation in history. In conclusion, In the world of sports an obligation of exemplary. Character is imposed in order to connect with this generation. It is important that sports entities understand. That they can have a great influence on society. So aspects such as inclusiveness or equality.

Must be solid pillars in the clubs’ discourse

Must be solid pillars in the clubs’ discourse. Values ​​that are not just words Another aspect that is highly valued by this generation is concern Color Correction Service for the environment. If the goal is to connect with young people, sports entities must commit. An example of this is Forest Green Rovers , a football club in the English third league that bills itself as the most sustainable club in the world. A club in which the players are vegan, move around with electric cars and are building a wooden stadium. FGR A very clear position on sustainability and the environment that makes it a very attractive brand for sponsors. We see a clear example in the NBA, where this young generation of fans do not follow one team or another so much, but follow players, such as Lebron James.

Color Correction Service

Angeles Lakers and with him his fans

This went from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Lakers and with him his fans. This generation has a lot of information Business Lead available, uses technology in a natural way, being super-informed and constantly connected, and what they seek from sports is speed, action, adrenaline. For this reason, the competition is putting a lot of effort into offering alternatives and improving the experience to connect with generation Z, and proof of this is that the number of fans in very young age groups is growing, being the second fastest growing sport in social networks betting, for example, on offering content from the backstage of the races.

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