Once there you will see all the videos that you have uploade to your account, from among which you must choose the video that you want to convert into an ad . create an ad campaign on youtube By clicking on the Edit button drop-down you will find the option to promote , the first step to start creating campaigns with the YouTube AdWords manager. With this option you will make the video that you already have uploade to YouTube work as an ad, the ad that will be shown before other videos. Within the page that will open you will have to choose the option « Create a campaign.

Have To Choose An Audience Segment

Choose the investment A vital step in all ad campaigns is choosing the amount of money you want to spend. The investment in ads on YouTube can be: Daily investment : It will be the same every day. It allows you to set a limit after which Bahamas Phone Number List the campaign will stop showing. Overall investment . You must indicate an amount for the whole campaign. In order to better adjust the campaign and the investment, the AdWords tool by which the advertising on YouTube is manage, incorporates some estimate measurements of what the investment in advertising on YouTube means.

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That Will Be The One That Marks

Thus, base on the amount that you are willing to invest, AdWords will make an estimate of the number of impressions that the campaign will have or the estimate number of reproductions that the video can accumulate. 3.- Choose the public Business Lead Once you choose the investment, you nee to select which segment of the public in particular you want to target. YouTube raises the possibility of choosing all audiences, so it is its own system that is in charge of limiting the audience that will receive the video . But in this case, you are intereste in being the one who decides the specific market niche to which your campaign will be directe. By clicking on the option.

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