It has revolutionized the world of social networks and now it is your turn to ask yourself the question: is a tik tok account worth it for writers ?
Now that the boom it had in confinement has passed. It’s time to think with a cooler mind and decide if you want to invest your time. Your ideas and your energy in this social network.
For Egypt Phone Numbers this reason. I want to ask you a question before continuing:
Would you have liked to enjoy the opportunity to position yourself as a reference writer when instagram was born?
Today tik tok is in the same position where no one is clear if its explosion will go further or in a few months it will begin to recede.
Be that as it may. Even ana gonzález duque herself has opened her account and is experimenting with it. If you want to know what a writer can do —beyond dancing—. You can be inspired by her.
Let’s start at the beginning: what is tiktok and how has it taken off so fast?
I am convinced that tik tok caught you off guard.
Overnight you began to see how everywhere they talked about a new social network and you had no idea where it had appeared.
came out of nowhere. They are wrong. Its history is much longer and it is important that you know it to understand the app.

Although many people think that it

Tik tok is the name with which the musica.Ly application was renamed after a large chinese company invested an outrage of millions of dollars in it.
Musica.Ly was a social network that specialized in making games with dances and songs. So it’s no surprise that there are so many of them on tik tok.
The problem is that many people entered it and were left with this superficial vision that has nothing to do with what you can find inside.
Its content is very diverse. Its themes are the most varied… And yes. Tik tok for writers is something that is very worthwhile.
But that’s something you’re about to find out.
Tik tok for writers: is it worth it or is it a fad?
Let’s get the elephant out of the china shop.
One of the tips that we have repeated to you actively and passively in online marketing for writers is that you must be on the social networks where your audience is.
Therefore. Have you analyzed if part of your potential readers are on tik tok?
If the answer is yes. I encourage you to continue reading this post very carefully. You will discover why a social network like tik tok for writers is in a very interesting moment to give it a try.
In the event that you are sure that your audience is not part of tik tok. I do not recommend that you waste your time with it. However. I encourage you to continue reading the post. You never know when the tables may turn.
This is the time to enter tik tok
If you are reading this blog. I don’t have to tell you about the potential of social networks for writers like you and me who want our readers to find us.
These are opportunities that have never existed in history that allow us to reach people anywhere in the world. Show them our stories and one day choose our books as future reading.
Although the case of each writer is a world. Today instagram has become a real opportunity for many writers.
You know its potential. I know its potential. Everyone who reads this article may know this.
So I want to ask you a question again:
Would you have liked to enjoy the opportunity to position yourself as a reference writer when instagram was born?
As I was saying above. Today tik tok is in that sweet moment in which the tool is putting at your disposal all its benefits to make you fall in love as a user and this is something that you can take advantage of if you dare to take a step forward. .
The secret of tik tok for writers? Take advantage of its algorithm!
Instagram. Facebook. Linkedin. Youtube… Are networks loaded with great opportunities that in recent years have become really frustrating for users.
Although we see them as our great allies to get readers. We must never forget

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what they are: business.
As such. In recent times they have made a series of decisions with the aim of increasing their income… And this has been a stick to our aspirations.
business is very simple: if you want to reach more people. You have to pay… And tik tok today thinks very differently.
Unlike the rest of the social networks. Not only does it not limit your reach. But it empowers you far beyond your followers. Its algorithm makes it very easy for you.
• while instagram allows you to reach a very small percentage of your followers that varies between 2 and 10%…
• … on tik tok it is not strange that you can reach much. Much further. Than your fan base is.

His way of understanding the

In fact. It is normal that with few followers you can reach tens of thousands of people… Something that is practically impossible on other social networks.
Ready for adventure? Write down these keys to grow in tik tok
If you’re still here something tells me you’re starting to get the bug about whether the whole tik tok for writers theme is for you.
I’m glad. Really.
From now on in this article you will discover the keys to taking advantage of this momentum of the algorithm at this very interesting time:
But intense content.
Do you want us to analyze them separately?
Join the trends
In all social networks it is important. But here it is even more so.
The tik tok algorithm is designed to send more of what each person likes. Therefore. If you join the trends that are working. It will be much easier for you to expand your reach.
The best advice we can give you is to look at what is succeeding in general and find a way to adapt it to the world of writing.


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