In June 2020 the EU passed a series of resolutions to officially increase the total amount of the Pandemic Emergency. Purchase Programme (PEPP) from 750 billion euros to 1.35 trillion euros. Prior to this, in order to save. the national debt market that was in a state of syncope. the European Central Bank (ECB) had invested a. splendid package of 2.7 trillion euros in the Asset Purchase Programmes (APP), through the continuous purchase of euro bonds to .provide liquidity to the market (A. Viterbo, 2021; M. Kordeva, 2021).


After the tireless efforts of

The EU and the finance Nepal Phone Number ministries of. various countries. This ratio means that the government basically does nothing for the whole year, because the tax collected is just used to pay the debt, which is the perfect example of free labor. And eurozone member states stand .out in particular, with an average government deficit of 95 percent. In Q3 of 2020, the gifted students in Greece scored 199%, followed by Italy with 154.2%, Portugal 130.8%, Cyprus 119.5%, France 116.5%… These shocking figures, Seeing the well-known good baby Germany stunned. Germany’s fiscal deficit is relatively conservative, hovering around 70%. So when Germany found out that the EU was still pushing for the PEPP fiscal anniversary, they were completely awakened to the hyperinflationary PTSD of 1923 .


According to PEPP’s purchase plan

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As long as the sovereign debt ECB with a. rating higher than BBB- can be purchase freely. even the Greek government bonds. with higher risk than Taipei 101 collect. For Germany, the ECB’s actions completely refreshed their common sense about safe assets. After the world broke away from the Bretton Wood System and began to use national debt .as collateral to issue currency, the only common sense in the financial system was that there was no common sense. Germany in a cold sweat As a founding member of the Coal and Steel Community. Germany is going to file a lawsuit with the European Union. No matter how I look at it, I feel particularly happy. But Germany feels its insistence is justified.

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