Google confirmd the new kernel update with a tweet on September 24, 2019. Core updates are made to improve google rankings. As every year, the update to be made this year hit September and there were many ranking changes. The fluctuations experienced in August and September were the harbinger of the update.

Google made a statement from the official account @SearchLiaison. In the given source, the importance given to the content has been explaind as it has been recently.

In his source, some statements about the content are as follows;

  • “Does the content provide original information, reporting, research or analysis?”
  • “Does the content provide a comprehensive, complete, or comprehensive description of the topic?”
  • “If the content draws on other sources, does it avoid copying or rewriting those sources and instead provide significant additional value and authenticity? “
  • “Does the title and/or page title provide a descriptive, helpful summary of the content?”

The fluctuations experienced with the update affectd many sectors. In the word news, local and national newspapers, sites, experiencd declines. Ser, meaning search engine results page, varied highly between September 24-26. The charts on’s serp volatility page prove that volatility is high.

On Wednesday, September 25, newspapers such as Milliyet, Hürriyet, Sabah were out of the top 5 rankings in the search results for the word turkey.

As of now, we can say that the ranking changes are on track. No official statement has been made that the update is over. Serp charts also startd to take their normal positions.

The continuing sectors of the ranking change are as follows; Arts and entertainment, games, online community and sports sites.

Post Update Changes

After the September 2019 core update, Google announcd its innovations visually for the first time. He published the first video of the Google search news series on his youtube channel calld Google Webmasters. Changes and innovations were mentione in the video content. Let us give you a brief summary.

In fact, it introduced this feature on September 10. He emphasized its importance by mentioning it in the post-update video. For the rel tag, which we knew before, new features such as sponsored and ugc were added to the nofollow attribute. As explaind in the video;

Google has answerd our questions. Let’s jump right into them.

Do I Need to Replace Existing Nofollow Tags

“There is absolutely no nee to change any nofollow Austria Phone Numbers links you have.” They said it themselves. They added that if nofollow is used for the linke pages, it will continue to be supported. In short, nofollow is gone. Only 2 new features have arrived. Now 3 different features can be adde while connecting.

Can multiple rel values ​​be use.

“Yes, you can use multiple rel values ​​in a link. For example, rel=”ugc sponsored” is an excellent attribute to imply that the link comes from user-generate\d content and is sponsored.” He says using a sponsor tag in the comments is a nice tip. At least that’s how I understood it. We can also add new features to existing connections. For example rel= nofollow ugc”.

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Turning Off-Restricting the Preview Feature

Google shows some content as a preview in the search query. A character restriction can be introducd on the preview screen, which we call the zeroth row.

You can even not go to the preview screen if you want. You can perform these operations thanks to the robots meta tag.

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