With very diverse positions brand managers, marketing directors, creative directors, etc.) and above all, from very different sectors (banking, retail, food, industrial, etc.). For this reason, from the project management area. We must ensure that in each project the approach is the most akin to the company. And also that the staging is adapted to each one of them. Another case that can help us exemplify this point. As an experience with another of our clients. In this case we were entering the visual identity phase. Our contact person in this case was a creative director. And after knowing the reality of the company. We saw that the creative team had a relevant role in it.

We detected it decided to adapt our methodology

So that the project would be better received and accepted internally. And even better Remove Background Image implemented later ! What we did were creative co-creation sessions. With the creative team, in such a way that the new identity emerged from thecollaboration. Of the client team and the Summa team. The empathy and transparency of the project manager Finally. We must be able to create a space of empathy and transparency. Which allows us to be perceived by the client as an ally or even part of their team.  And in this aspect, The magic happens when we get away from the rush. Emails, meetings and formalities, when we are able to talk from Lidia to María. From Paloma to Juan, over coffee, at a meal or just before start a meeting.

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These situations allow us to be proactive

These situations allow us to be proactive, detect new opportunities that help us enrich the project and therefore grow the business. After an apparently Business Lead naive conversation with a client, from the urban mobility sector, with an international presence and teams, she commented: “It is difficult to communicate the new brand to the workers in a transversal way so that they feel it is theirs and internalize it”. Derived from this, we detected the need to develop an internal culture phase. And together with the creative team, we developed an internal communication plan, which ended with a Brand Day. In short, from the project management area we understand each client as a new challenge. which we embrace with great enthusiasm.

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