Loyalty for offers, on the other hand, although it is maintaine, is decreasing year by year. The fundamental network in which users follow brands is Facebook, with 81% of respondents, followe very far by Twitter, 25%. For its part, follow-up to brands on Instagram increase slightly to 11%. On the other hand, women are more regulars on Facebook while Twitter has a more masculine profile and Instagram is use more by women and young people between 16 and 30 years of age. The most followe topics are those relate to culture, technology and fashion, and the least followe are automotive.

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Games and betting and drinks. Regarding the presence of brands on social networks, 65% affirm that their trust in the brand does not change if it has a profile or does not have one on any social network. These are generally older people. However, 31% affirm that the presence of the brand in social networks increases their trust. In general, it is Saudi Arabia Phone Number List a younger population that thinks this way. 4% of users confess that the fact that the brand does not have a profile on social networks inspires less confidence. There is no negative perception of advertising on social networks Annual study of the use of social networks.

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Advertising in social networks Regarding the level of acceptance of advertising on social networks, 51% of the surveye users agree that brands use social networks to advertise , that is, there is no negative perception regarding advertising. It is only 9% of those surveye who think it is wrong and 40% are indifferent on this issue. However, 20% of users consider that advertising bothers them a lot or quite a bit, 36% are neutral with Business Lead respect to the issue and 44% do not find the appearance of advertising on the networks very bothersome. The most widely accepte advertising format is the banner with 74% acceptance, followe far behind by skippable pre-roll, pop-up, video and audio, and finally, non-skippable pre-roll.

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