If the previous steps have been taken well, the involvement must be given. Validate : The fourth step is base on assuring the client and that he is fully convince of what he is going to do. Even if a client gets involve in the process, it is possible that at a given moment along the way he wants to leave the ship, here it is about the company closing all the doors so that this cannot happen and taking him to the fifth step. Convert : It is the important process, here the user makes the purchase of the product, decides that he wants to get it and looks for the product.

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Once he finds it, he buys it and the process that starte comes to an end, or almost. Maintain : Like any buying-selling process, the process does not exactly end, but the door to future agreements is kept open. Keeping the client in a portfolio of potential clients for the future may be the ideal solution for the company. 5 examples of lead nurturing Greece Phone Number List In order to better understand what lead nurturing consists of, these are examples of 5 different types of messages that can be include within this digital marketing practice: 1.- Welcome messages lead nurturing: welcome messages It is the most common contact message that a company usually sends.

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This first message that maintains the company-client contact is one of the most important. Since it lays the foundations for the subsequent relationship between the client and the company. Messages like the one from Dropbox are the easiest Business Lead way to say welcome to our service . In addition to this, it is the first presentation that the company has before the client.  So it is very important that from this moment it begins to highlight the benefits and benefits . Of using the service to which it has subscribe or registere. Welcome messages must always be personalize messages, the customer’s name, at least, must be present in the message.

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