It is the user who accesses the content, so there are fewer options for him to decide to close the video because he does not want to receive advertising, in any case it will be because he was wrong or did not find what he was looking for. From the moment the user clicks on the video-ad, YouTube charges your account . 5.- Design the ad With the investment and the public chosen, it is time to design the ad in question. The step that YouTube proposes is to include a short description of the videos, which will be visible in the case of in-display ads.

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Include a brief title, it must be striking and serve to capture the client . The call to action (CTA) has to be powerful, engage and, at the same time, announce what the video is about. Take care of the design of your ads on YouTube As in any Belarus Phone Number List AdWords campaign, you have two more description lines . In these lines you can enter enough additional information so that the user knows better what the video is about, completing the information provide in the headline.

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Finally, as in a regular upload of videos to YouTube, you will have to choose the thumbnail that will be shown in the in-display ad . The thumbnail is a frame of the video that also serves as a claim. The ideal is to choose a thumbnail image that Business Lead sums up the spirit of the ad a bit, while being an attractive and attractive element. 6.- Link the ad to AdWords link Youtube ads with Adwords One of the advantages of working with Google tools is that you can connect them, which allows the flow of information and work, exchanging resources between all of them. The final step in designing the YouTube ad is connecting the campaign to AdWords. If your Google account is previously linke to AdWords.

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