However, in recent years some successful viral campaigns have been designe in our country that have le thousands of users to share them. Below we show you 10 Spanish viral marketing campaigns that have manage to excee the objectives initially set by the brands that launche them: 1.- «I love Laur It is considere the first major viral marketing campaign of the Hispanic internet . Los Happiness, a fictitious Spanish musical group made up of two boys and two girls, became famous in 2006 with their song “ Amo a Laura ”, a song in favor of sexual abstinence that became a real hit.

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The song was actually born as a result of an advertising campaign by.  Tiempo BBDO for MTV Spain , a channel that came to Spain at that time and achieve increible visibility with a very high impact. It was 2006 and the song went through one South Africa Phone Number List of the usual routes in this type of viral marketing campaign: It became popular through YouTube and different Spanish blogs from where it even reache the mass meia, both written and audiovisual. 2.- iJam iJam was an innovative campaign carrie out by the Shackleton Agency to establish themselves as a creative marketing agency to be reckone with.

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To do this, they merge two products that are in the antipodes: ham and Apple technology products. Hence the iJam. The campaign playe with sending a ham for Christmas wrappe in a graphic strategy similar to Apple products . The Business Lead campaign was a great success. In fact, more than 1,200,000 visits were achieve, 185,000 references on Google, they appeare on newscasts and they obtaine new contracts for the advertising agency. In the video you can see how all the characteristics of the ham are show and how to use it, just like the Apple company does with its products.

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