These are data from the first study on solidarity and donations in Spain carrie out by the guiaONGs portal , in which 3,600 people have participate and which analyzes their responses by age, gender and religious belief. Access the study here. Graph1 For Ruth Blanch, general director of Antevenio España -eitor of the portal guiaONGs-, this data shows “that the real concerns of citizens are different from what is reflecte on the front pages of the meia”. 18% of those surveye state.

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That they have collaborate financially with a non-governmental organization in the last year. Among them, by religious belief, almost 61% of practicing Christians claim to have done so, compare to 33% of those who profess other religions. This Changsha Phone Number List group -practicing Christians- also includes the highest percentage -9.85%- of those who state they have made a contribution of more than 1,000 euros in the last 12 months. Most donors have given an amount of less than 100 euros. Among those who have not donate in the last year, the lack of economic possibilities and direct delivery.

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To people in nee are the main reasons. Blanch affirms that “it is striking that the average donation of the year is below 100 euros. We think that in 2016 that figure may increase. We’ll see in the next study we do.” The study also analyzes the degree Business Lead of economic solidarity by age. Those over 55 are the largest donors in Spain. Among the younger public – from 18 to 24 years old – only 27% declare that they have made a contribution in the last year due to economic reasons. In addition, it is detecte that as age increases, confidence in the destination of donations grows: 31.8% of the youngest do not trust, compare to 2% of those over 65 years of age. Among the issues of greatest concern base on age.

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