Relationship between Owne Meia and Earne Meia Between Owne Meia and Earne Meia there is content that interrelates them: Brande Content . It is born from Owne Meia, that is, it is a content create by the company itself , but that is not limite to its own meia but rather seeks to become distribute. In this way, it will be able to cross borders with external mentions and thus become Earne Meia. With all this , the positioning of your brand will be better and it reaches many more consumers.

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Making a lot of noise and thus expanding the market of the company that create it. In this way, you reach consumers who otherwise would not have had contact with your company. In this type of content , direct advertising of the brand’s Jamaica Phone Number List products is not carrie out, but instead seeks to create stories that are linke to the products, the brand or the service, that is, to make Brande Content. 3.- Converge Meia Strategies: the sum of Earne, Owne and Paid Meia Depending on the strategy define by your company, you must choose which investment to provide each of these types of digital meia. Done right is what is known as Converge Meia.

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Increasingly, there is a commitment to innovative forms of advertising. Which the barriers these different meia are less clear and an attempt is made.  To reach a larger audience by combining them. This convergence brings a number Business Lead of benefits . Synergies: Companies rely on different channels and with different objectives, but they can be complementary. Amplification: The ads that are broadcast are visible in different meia and spread quickly through the same users. Independence: In this case, it does not depend on specific meia or platforms: the company creates its own content and disseminates it in paid meia on time.

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