Scuderia Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc feels frustrated after failing to touch the finish line in the 2022 French GP Formula 1 at Circuit Paul Ricard, Sunday (24/7/2022).

Launching from, Leclerc lost control of his car on Lap 18 at Turn 11 while leading the race. The car he was driving hit the wall and got stuck from a pile of tires. So the car can’t continue racing anymore

“Obviously it was very frustrating for me, my car couldn’t reverse which wasn’t really badly damaged,” said Leclerc, quoted from

Moreover, before the incident, Leclerc was able to lead

the race for 18 laps with a time of 1 second ahead of his main competitor, Max Verstappen. Entering Lap 17, Leclerc managed to stay away from the pursuit of Max Verstappen who first made his first Pit Stop with a time difference of 30 seconds. But unfortunately, on Lap 18, Turn 11, Leclerc was unable to control his car and was forced to leave the race.

With this incident, it has been 3 times that Leclerc had to return to finish the race early after the DNF (Did Not Finish) he experienced while leading the race.

This incident was a severe blow for Leclerc because he failed to cut points from

Max Verstappen at the top of the 2022 F1 standings. The Monaco racer was even further behind with a difference of 63 points behind Verstappen after the 2022 French GP.

This situation is also increasingly Venezuela Phone Number difficult for Leclerc to catch points from Max Verstappen who always appears consistent in the race arena. Moreover, this season only leaves 10 race series again.

Leclerc regretted this season has lost many points

due to mistakes he made. Leclerc hopes that in the second half he will no longer make the mistakes that cost him many points.

“I think there were 32 points overall, 25 today and seven at Iola because of my mistakes,” he said.

“But for the second half of the season I have to overcome those things if I want to be world champion.”

F1 2022 competition will continue at the Hungarian GP on Sunday (31/7/2022). All racers will compete at the Hungarian Circuit as the closing race before the summer break. 


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